The Public Safety and Smart Cities Venture Collaborative
We connect enterprises, first responders and cities with startups building tomorrow’s technology to increase productivity and safety.
Every Second Counts
Our startups are building technology that connects first responders in new and novel ways, increasing their productivity and safety.
Transforming Industrials
Wearable technology will transform the broader industrial space, impacting field workers across energy, mining, and utilities.
Accelerating Venture Growth
Companies are working hands-on with first responders and technology experts to define and accelerate the path-to-market with government and corporate partners.

TechNexus is launching year two of the EMERGE accelerator in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Center for Innovative Technology (CIT). Focused on industrial wearables technology, the EMERGE Accelerator is a unique collaboration with DHS to catalyze and commercially develop emerging technologies for enhanced productivity and safety for First Responders, with broad application in the public safety, utilities, construction and mining industries. This program brings together entrepreneurs, industry partners, technologists, investors, and public sector influencers working in concert to actively advance breakthrough solutions.

Global Reach

261 Initial Ventures

224 Incubation Partners

149 Cities

10 Final Companies

Mission Critical

Our ventures are driving technological advancement across critical responder use cases:

  • Body-worn electronic systems and sensors
  • Next-gen personal protective equipment
  • Enhanced threat detection and situational awareness tools
  • Integrated voice/data communication and response systems

Industry-Leading Partners

We’re driving deep engagement between industry-leading partners such as DHS and Exelon, developing ventures alongside them.

Real Business Development

EMERGE is a next-stage accelerator, facilitating venture growth in a big way. This implementation at scale enables faster market access, driving pilots and validation.