Industrial Markets and the Future of First Response

The first responder of the future will be similar to the industrial worker of the future. Wearable technology will transform the broader industrial space, impacting field workers across the board. The companies that initially serve these adjacent markets can more quickly iterate to meet the complex needs of the first responder space.

Exelon, one of the nation’s leading competitive energy providers, is among the TechNexus corporate partners involved in the program again. Exelon field, utility, and nuclear employees often share many of the same needs of first responders and collaborate with them on the scene of disasters, accidents and other emergency situations. Consequently, the company has a great deal of insight into the needs of first responders. From the inception of Commonwealth Edison through today, Exelon has had innovation in its DNA.

Our corporate partners provide instrumental feedback for identifying and accelerating market opportunities and commercial use cases.

This is smarter venture engagement.