New York, NY

Augmate is a provisioning and management platform for wearable devices. As internet-connected body worn electronics are becoming commonplace in first responder departments and in the enterprise, there is an increasing need to manage these devices’ security and permissions. Augmate allows relevant personnel such as IT administrators to track users/devices, collect sensor data, communicate with workers, and control devices’ applications/connectivity.

Command Wear

Vancouver, BC

Command Wear has developed a software platform that integrates data from wearables and sensors to give responders real time situational awareness. The platform can operate on existing smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets that active officers can use to then plan, execute, and review operations. Features of the software includes real time personnel tracking, two-way text based communication, video sharing, and event replay.

HAAS Alert

Chicago / Detroit

HAAS Alert, a mobile vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) platform, is utilizing acoustic sensors and location data to connect people, vehicles, and things in cities. The data generated from on-board HAAS installations – which require no re-wiring and take 2 minutes to configure – routes emergency vehicles and civilian traffic around incidents and builds historical patterns for traffic and property data to help cut down on the 60,000 emergency vehicle collisions (and $35b in legal, repair, and insurance costs) that occur each year in the United States. By leveraging similar sensors in wearable use cases or by expanding the same technology to other public safety vehicles, HAAS has the potential to significantly expedite the disaster and emergency notification process to keep all parties safer and more informed.

Human Systems Integration

Boston, MA

Human Systems Integration has created a multi modular integration for first responders and soldiers with skin level remote physiological monitoring. This provides a comprehensive plug and play wearable situational awareness (SA) and communications platform that allows you to integrate any combination of computing, communications, sensor and actuator devices into a wearable ensemble.


Los Angeles, CA

Lumenus is pioneering tech laced apparel with the creation of smart LED lighting in clothing and accessories to help keep first responders and field workers safer and help augment situational awareness among teams. Lumenus is differentiated by its software, which makes the system ‘autonomous’ and optimizes lighting to maximize visibility, safety, and visual communication.


Chicago, IL

LuminAID creates durable, low cost, and low profile inflatable solar lamps that can be stored efficiently and deployed at scale in the event of a natural disaster, severe power outage, or public safety emergency. Created in 2010 in response to the Haiti earthquake, LuminAID lights are made out of TPU (thermopolyurethane) plastic – a safe, and sustainable material that is 100% PVC-free and phthalate-free – and designed to last multiple years of continuous use in demanding environments.

Pear Sports

Orange County, CA

Pear Sports is a platform focused on helping first responders leverage responsive, interactive training that reacts in the moment to more effectively simulate the rigors of on the job responsibilities. With complementing hardware products, Pear helps first responders train according to heart rate zones and quantitatively track their performance and progress in order to minimize the negative impacts of in field physical and mental fatigue.


Henrietta, New York

Six15 produces rugged wearable displays that currently serve US and NATO Special Operations groups. Their glasses can display full motion video streamed from the operator’s display and can run augmented reality displays to overlay data from their management systems over the real world for added situational awareness. The Six15 team is also currently developing multispectral imaging and video streaming from other applications for specific clients and their use cases.


San Diego, CA

Vault RMS has built an exposure tracker application where public safety workers and firefighters can document incidents involving health-compromising environments and leverage both biometric and situational data to build a long-term health profile that can be acted on to keep firefighters and other first responders safer. The cloud-based software allows reports to be accessed from any device with the platform. Reports can also be generated by the application for either individuals or an entire department.

Visual Semantics

Austin, TX

Visual Semantics offers hardware and software solutions to supplement body camera functionality. Their cloud-enabled wearable cameras provide real-time face recognition and alerts to help police officers and first responders understand potentially hostile environments. This product can also collect and distribute data among head officers, active officers, and field operating centers. Future iterations of the product will include 3D mapping and standardized plugins for other wearables and sensor hardware.